Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (2023)

One ofstrongest characters in Dragon Ball historyis Son Gohan, who is the firstborn son of Son Goku and one of themost powerful Saiyansthroughout the storyline. Of course, pretty early on in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan was introduced as a hybrid Saiyan with untapped potential. However, he was a very friendly boy who didn't love fighting as much as his father did. But he was forced to become a fighter when Piccolo, the man who basically raised him, mentored him as a fighter.

Of course, Gohan also had a lot of great storyline moments throughout the series because his potential was said to be better than anyone else in the main cast. The only problem was that he wasn't training as hard as Goku ever had. Despite this, as he trained, he was able to unlock powerful forms that allowed him to change the outcome of battles. In that regard, we're here to look at Gohan's strongest forms by power.

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14. Saiyajin-Saga Kid Gohan

13. Great Ape Gohan

12. Frieza Saga Kid Gohan

11. Golden Frieza Saga Gohan

10. Greater Saiyaman Gohan

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9. Buu Saga Adult Gohan

8. Cell Saga Kid Gohan

7. Future Gohan

6. Adult Super Saiyan Gohan

5. Super Saiyajin Kid Gohan

4. Super Saiyan 2 Adult Gohan

3. Super Saiyajin 2 Kid Gohan

2. Ultimate/Mystic/Unleashed Potential Gohan


1. Gohan-Bestie

14. Saiyajin-Saga Kid Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (1)

While Gohan was introduced during thefirst saga of Dragon Ball Z,He didn't know how to fight yet because he was just a little boy around three years old. Raditz actually used him as a bargaining chip against Goku. But Gohan was able to show his potential when he actually had a moment where he surprised even Radditz himself, who was more powerful than Goku and Piccolo combined.

Meanwhile, after training with Piccolo, Gohan's power improved so much that he was able to fight Vegeta and Napa well enough during the Saiyan saga. He wasn't strong enough to defeat any of them, but he had his moments, especially when his hidden power was revealed in times of need or when he was quite angry that he had to let his power out so he could try hit his enemy.

13. Great Ape Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (2)

During the time whenPiccolo basically raised GohanBy training him after Goku died at the hands of Raditz, the boy was able to show his inner power a few times. But it wasn't until the full moon that he was able to truly show how fearsome a Saiyan can be when he transformed into an ape, which is often cited as the true nature of a Saiyan.

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A Saiyan in ape transformation is said to be 20 times stronger. As such, Gohan was actually able to give Piccolo a hard time, who had to cut off the boy's tail so he could never transform again. This was the only time we've seen Gohan transform into an ape, as a Saiyan without a tail can never transform into one again.

12. Frieza Saga Kid Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (3)

After Piccolo died during the Saiyan saga, Bulma and the others needed the help of Namek's Dragonballs to bring the deceased back to life. Gohan and Krillin accompanied Bulma on a trip to Namek only to find out that thegalactic tyrant named Frieza, who was the strongest being in the universe at the time, was also on Namek to find the Dragon Balls so he could wish to become the strongest being in the universe.

Gohan and Krillin realized they had their work to do because Frieza's warriors were too tough for them. Eventually, Gohan was unlocked some of his hidden potential by the Great Elder Guru. This allowed Gohan to increase his power to the point where he could fight on an equal footing with Frieza's henchmen. At one point, he was actually able to bring out some of his incredibly great potential to damage Frieza's third form.

11. Golden Frieza Saga Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (4)

After a brief period of relative calm after defeating Kid Buu at the end of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super began. There was another time jump between when Goku ended his fight with Beerus and when Frieza went to Earth to settle scores with Goku. During all of these periods, Gohan never exercised because he was more focused on his career as an academic and as a father-to-be.

In this regard, Gohan became so weak thatHe struggled to reach Super Saiyan. He could no longer access his strongest transformations from slacking off in his training for so long. As such, he didn't even do much during the fight against Frieza's army, as the tyrant was far stronger than Gohan while he was in his final form. Note Gohan was in Super Saiyan, the same form in which both Goku and Trunks defeated Frieza, but Gohan couldn't even do anything against him before Goku arrived to save the day.

10. Greater Saiyaman Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (5)

Seven years passed after Gohan defeated Cell during the Cell saga. During those seven years, Gohan eased off his training somewhat because the world experienced a long period of peace as he was allowed to grow up and become a normal young man for the first time in his life since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. In that regard, Gohan probably wasn't as strong as he was back in the Cell saga, but he was still quite strong and was probably the second strongest Earthling since Vegeta didn't slack off with his training.

Of course, Gohan took on the role of Great Saiyaman and became a crime-fighting superhero before Buu reawakened. In his Greater Saiyaman form, Gohan was still quite strong but chose not to fight at his full power because he should never kill or seriously hurt anyone. As such, he kept his power in check while he was Great Saiyaman.

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9. Buu Saga Adult Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (6)

Although Gohan had a good time as the Great Saiyaman during the Buu saga, he fought as himself a few times during this arc. Of course, he was still incredibly powerful, especially when he competed in the World Martial Arts Tournament and later fought the Demon King Dabura . However, during the fight against Dabura, he was severely weakened after Yamu and Spopovich used up his energy to awaken Majin Buu.

At this point, Gohan was still strong enough to be one of the strongest fighters on earth. Still, he was weaker than Vegeta, who had kept up with his training. Meanwhile, Goku, who was in the afterlife, also never stopped training and had already surpassed Gohan's strength. It's safe to say that during the earlier part of the Buu Sagawasn't as strong as Gokuor Vegeta passing him while they were training during the time skip.

8. Cell Saga Kid Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (7)

Cell Saga Kid Gohan was actually quite powerful as this was the point in his life in Dragon Ball Z where he trained the hardest. He didn't slack off with his training because he had to prepare for the arrival of the androids, who were said to be much stronger than Frieza. Afterwards, of course, Goku personally trained Gohan in the hyperbolic time chamber, where both could increase their powers.

In his base form, Gohan was probably as strong as Goku was during the Cell saga. Therefore, there is no doubt that this was one of the strongest points in Gohan's life as he was extremely powerful during the Cell saga around the age of 9 or 10. In his basic form, he was probably on par with Goku and Vegeta as the strongest fighters in the world.

7. Future Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (8)

Future Gohan is the alternate version of Gohan that existed in the Future Trunks timeline. He was Earth's strongest defender against Androids 17 and 18 before Trunks was able to unlock his own Super Saiyan transformation. In that regard, he was quite strong and more battle-hardened than the normal version of Gohan. But he could only access Super Saiyan who wasn't strong enough to defeat the androids.

This version of Gohan was more muscular than the regular Gohan, but never strong enough to save the planet from the androids that were terrorizing the planet. In that regard, his Super Saiyan form wasn't quite as strong as the full-powered Super Saiyan form that Gohan achieved fairly early in his life.

6. Adult Super Saiyan Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (9)

After the Cell saga, Gohan was still able to achieve his Super Saiyan transformation, despite slacking off with his training. In fact, Gohan used this form in the manga against Dabura since he didn't use Super Saiyan 2 for some strange reason. Gohan only used his Super Saiyan form as an adult a few times during the Buu Saga because he relied more on Super Saiyan 2 and later on his Unleashed form.

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Despite this, the adult Gohan was still quite powerful in his Super Saiyan form, although he wasn't as strong as he was when he fought Cell. Gohan regained his form while preparing for the Tournament of Power, but he only used his Super Saiyan form in the fight against Lavender when Universe 7 fought Universe 9. Gohan fought Lavender to a draw as he hadn't regained his full fighting form that time.

5. Super Saiyajin Kid Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (10)

When Cell became a clear threat to the world during the Cell saga, Goku personally trained Gohan in the hyperbolic time chamber where Gohan was able to unlock the Super Saiyan transformation at the tender age of 9. As such, he was the youngest Super Saiyan in history before Goten achieved this form at the age of 7.

During this time, Kid Gohan was at his strongest before unleashing his potential in the Buu saga. He wasn't strong enough to defeat Perfect Cell in his Super Saiyan form, but he was still able to fight back well, even if Cell didn't give it his all. Despite this, he seemed stronger than any other Earth had to offer due to Goku personally choosing him to fight Cell one on one during the Cell games.

4. Super Saiyan 2 Adult Gohan

After the Cell Games, the seven-year hiatus allowed Gohan to grow into his physique, though he actually slacked off with his training. This allowed the adult Gohan to retain some strength despite not training as hard as he did back then. Despite this, Gohan was able to use Super Saiyan 2, which he showed to Kibito during the World Martial Arts Tournament. Then, in the fight against Dabura in the anime, he used this form but fought the Demon King.

Despite the fact that Dabura was only as strong as Perfect Cell, Gohan was unable to overpower him. That's because, as Vegeta noted, Super Saiyan 2 Adult Gohan wasn't nearly as strong as when he defeated Cell seven years ago. While still quite strong, Super Saiyan 2's Gohan was quite weaker than he was when he was the boy who fought and defeated Cell. In fact, Goku and Vegeta had already surpassed him when they were in their own Super Saiyan 2 forms.

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3. Super Saiyajin 2 Kid Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (11)

Super Saiyan 2-Child Gohan was an incredibly strong fighter who was able to reach the pinnacle of what it meant to be a Super Saiyan when he was just 9 or 10 years old.Gohan reached Super Saiyan 2for the first time in the hyperbolic time chamber, but passed out before he could stand it. Goku understood this and that's why he chose Gohan to fight Cell during the Cell games.

Gohan achieved and maintained the form after Android 16 told him it was okay to fight just before Cell smashed the peaceful android's head. He was so angry that Gohan was able to release all his inner power and become the first character in Dragon Ball history to reach Super Saiyan 2. In this form, Perfect Cell couldn't do anything against him as Gohan could have easily finished him off had he wanted. Against Super Perfect Cell, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan fought on an equal footing with him, eventually defeating him with a Super Kamehameha despite his arm injury and depleted stamina.

2. Ultimate/Mystic/Unleashed Potential Gohan

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (12)

After Gohan was defeated by Majin Buu who had awakened with his power, Kibito took him to his planet so he could train the young adult as he believed Gohan was the only one who could defeat Buu. Kibito gave him the Z-Sword, a weapon meant to draw out Gohan's inner power. However, the Z-Sword broke and out came Old Kai, who unlocked Gohan's inner potential.

As Gohan unleashed his inner potential, he no longer needed to access Super Saiyan 2 because he possessed a power that surpassed Super Saiyan 3 by a mile. This allowed him to be strong enough to completely overpower Super Buu. Often referred to as Ultimate orMystic GohanThis form allowed Gohan to become the strongest non-Fusion character in Dragon Ball Z because he was much stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku who was about as strong as Majin Buu.

While Gohan was unable to access this form for a long time after starting Dragon Ball Super, he was able to regain it after training with Piccolo before the Tournament of Power. In this form, Gohan was strong enough to fight Super Saiyan Blue Goku. He also made life difficult for Golden Frieza in their fake fight, although it was possible that in this form Ultimate Gohan could have fought the golden tyrant on equal footing.

1. Gohan-Bestie

Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (13)

After the Tournament of Power, Gohan slacked off a bit again from over-relying on Goku and Vegeta to always be there to save the day. However, Goku and Vegeta weren't there when the Red Ribbon Army became a threat again, and that forced Piccolo to fake Pan so Gohan would have reason to reawaken his power. In the battle against Gamma 1, Gohan regained his ultimate form, strong enough to tip the balance of the battle in his favor.

However, when Cell Max woke up, Ultimate Gohan didn't stand a chance as there was only oneorange smallthat might actually fight him to some extent. Thinking that Piccolo had been killed by Cell Max, Gohan unleashed all his inner power and anger to unlock a new form calledGohan Bestie, who resembled his Super Saiyan 2 form but had off-white hair that was longer than his usual hair. Gohan's body was also covered with a bluish-white aura and purple electrical sparks.

In this form, Gohan Beast was so powerful that he shrugged off Cell Max's full punch. After Piccolo immobilized Cell Max, one shot from Gohan Beast's Special Beam Cannon was enough to completely defeat the giant monster. It is believed that Gohan Beast was much stronger than Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 because he said he didn't believe Goku and Vegeta could have defeated Cell Max considering Cell Max was also stronger than Broly. Therefore it is possible that Gohan Beast is at least as strong as Goku's Ultra Instinct.

  • Gohan's strongest form in Dragon Ball, ranked by power (14)

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