The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (2023)

Looking for the best Magic Kingdom restaurants to fill up your Disney World dining plans? We've rounded up our favorite places to eat when visiting the Magic Kingdom, so you know which restaurants to add to your list - and which ones to skip!

Dining is an integral part of the Walt Disney World experience. Forget all your preconceptions about theme park food. This isn't cardboard pizza and tasteless burgers.No, all of Disney World and especially Magic Kingdom is teeming with delicious restaurants, both table service (sit down) and quick service (quick and easy) that are worth your money.

But what are the best Magic Kingdom restaurants, and which ones aren't worth your time?While we haven't had a real one yetPoorlyExperience at one of the restaurants at Magic Kingdom, we have our favorites. We've narrowed down the full list of Magic Kingdom restaurants (31 at the time of publication) to our top 10.

To determine the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom,We considered the quality of the food, the menu itself, the price (and the portion sizes that go with it), the immersion and theming, and all the extras that make a Disney experience magical, like character food or entertainment.

What are the best Magic Kingdom restaurants?

According to our ranking, the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom are:

  1. Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper-Kantine
  2. Be our guest restaurant
  3. The Plaza Restaurant
  4. The Crystal Palace
  5. Cinderella's King's Table
  6. Cheshire-Café
  7. Caseys Corner
  8. Main Street Bakery
  9. Liberty Tree Tavern
  10. The monk corner

We also had some honorable mentions:

  • Sleepy Cave
  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • Columbia Harbor House
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Gaston Tavern
  • Aloha Isle und Sunshine Tree Terrace

The 10 best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom - and why we picked them

Curious about our selection of top restaurants at Magic Kingdom?We've broken down why we like each of our choices, including how to order and what you can't miss about this experience.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper Canteen: Overall the best restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (1)

Skipper Canteen at Adventureland is hands down the best Magic Kingdom restaurant. Photo by Cliff Wang

  • What to order:Brazilian Cheese Bread, Senegali Sal's Short Rib
  • What you can't miss:Classic skipper jokes and engaging topics
  • Ort:adventure land
  • Pricing:$$

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd Skipper Canteen – or Skipper Canteen for short – is undeniably the best restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. That is aeating at the table, which means you need an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR), but becauseIt's tucked away in Adventure Land and doesn't have the same appeal to kids as other heavyweightslike Cinderella's Royal Table and Be Our Guest Restaurant, it's actually not too difficult to book a meal here.

The experience at Skipper Canteen is aContinued fromwhat you will encounter on Jungle Cruise(Did I mention Jungle Cruise is the best ride in Magic Kingdom?). That means it has an amazing theme, almost like a museum full of artifacts that Dr. Albert Falls discovered on his adventures.

And much like the skippers aboard the Jungle Cruise,The waiters at Skipper Canteen are full to the brim with good (bad) jokes throughout the meal.

Oh and what a meal. The Skipper canteen menu isinspired by the cuisine of Asia, Africa and South America. Picky eaters might struggle to find something to their liking here, but for the more adventurous there are plenty of tasty bites (like the Brazilian cheese bread, a hidden gem that's not on the menu!).

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (2)

The Kungaloosh beer is reason enough to go there. Photo by Timothy Moore

And Adventurers Club fans will be delightedYou can order a beer called Kungaloosh here, specially brewed for Walt Disney World.

Read our full review of the Skipper Canteen.

Be Our Guest Restaurant: The best restaurant for high-end dining in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (3)

Be Our Guest Restaurant offers fine dining in the Beast's Castle at Magic Kingdom. Photo by Cliff Wang

(Video) Ranking EVERY SINGLE Magic Kingdom Restaurant

  • What to order:French onion soup, filet mignon in the middle, chocolate tart
  • What you can't miss:Total immersion in Beast's Castle
  • Ort:Fantasy Land
  • Pricing:$$$$

Be Our Guest is one of the hardest ADRs to get, and it isone of the most expensive meals in the Magic Kingdom. The three-course, fixed-price meal is $62 for adults (10 years and older) and $37 per child, plus tax and tip.

But oh how worth it.Be Our Guest is by far the most upscale dining experience at Magic Kingdom, with aFrench inspired menuThese include squid, filet mignon and macarons. Weary parents can enjoy a long list of champagnes, wines and beers - and Be Our Guest has built a solid reputationOffering the Squids Revenge cocktail at the start of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

fans ofBeauty and the Beastwill not be disappointed with any of the three dining areas:the palace gallery, the west wing or the grand ballroom. But of course, if you have a choice, the Grand Ballroom is the place to be as it brings back memories of this stunning scene from the film.

And yes, yesorcan Try the Gray Stuff (it's delicious!) as part of a dessert (the chocolate tart or some allergy-friendly options).

The Plaza Restaurant: Best for picky eaters in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (5)

Photo by Tina Chiu

  • What to order:Homemade Meatloaf, The Main Street Burger, Dark Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding with Frozen Soy Milk Dessert
  • What you can't miss:Classic home cooking
  • Ort:Main Street, United States
  • Pricing:$$

The Plaza Restaurant feels like classic Disney. You'll find it along Main Street and give it a shotTurn-of-the-century atmosphere with Art Nouveau accents. It's a meal at the table, so you're going to want itpre-reservations, but unlike Skipper Canteen and Be Our Guest, which offer menus less accessible to those who fuel up on chicken nuggets and mac and cheese,The Plaza Restauranthas a menuthat everyone, even picky eaters, will love.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (6)

Loaded fries anyone? Photo by Tina Chiu

The difference? Unlike other theme park restaurants that serve classic American fare like burgers, chili, meatloaf, and chicken sandwiches,The quality of the food in the Plaza Restaurant scores.

And while indoor dining gives you a welcome, air-conditioned respite from the Florida heat, you can also opt for an alfresco tablestunning views of Cinderella Castle while you eat.

The Crystal Palace: Bestes Buffet im Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (7)

The Crystal Palace is made for fans of Winnie the Pooh. Photo by Jeff Chiu

  • What to order:Buffet – take what looks good!
  • What you can't miss:Winnie the Pooh and his friends
  • Ort:Main Street, United States
  • Pricing:$$$

One of The Crystal Palace's biggest draws used to be thecharacter food. Being able to knock out a hearty meal while sitting downandMeet Winnie thePuuh, Tigger, Piglet and Co.all at once was a serious time saver. However, since reopening following the COVID-19 shutdown, dining with character has not returned at The Crystal Palace.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (8)

(Video) TOP 10 Best Restaurants at Disney's Magic Kingdom | Walt Disney World

Meeting Tigger used to be a highlight here. Photo by Brett Svenson

But that doesn't mean the Victorian restaurant isn't infused with references to Winnie the Pooh.Fans of the goofy old bear will still smile while dining here.

And although character food hasn't returned,Buffet style foodhat. If you're looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet to make the most of your budget, The Crystal Palace is for you. You'll find carving stations (get the prime rib), salads, fresh vegetables, and mashed potatoes. Plus all the desserts you can endure.

Read our full Crystal Palace review.

Cinderella’s Royal Table: Best Character Dining im Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (9)

A look at Cinderella's king table. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

  • What to order:Charcuterie, Magic Carpet Ride und The Clock Strikes Twelve
  • What you can't miss:Your Favorite Disney Princesses
  • Ort:In the Cinderella Castle
  • Pricing:$$$$

One of Magic Kingdom's most expensive restaurants is alsoone of Magic Kingdomsotherrestaurants. Like The Crystal Palace, Cinderella's Royal Table is known for itscharacter food, but was unfortunately suspended. In normal operation this is theotherPossibility to see your favoriteDisney Princesses, including Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel. If you're lucky, you can dine with Belle or Jasmine.

Reservations for Cinderella's Royal Table are a must (and really hard to come by). You eatInsideCinderella Castle, after all.

The biggest disadvantage ofCinderella's Royal Table is the prize.With four people over the age of 10, you're looking at a bill of around $250 -- and that's without tax or tips. The menu is fixed price and the food is decent, but if we had to choose, we'd go for Be Our Guest's French-inspired menu if we were to drop the big bucks. You're not paying so much for the food as you are paying for the experience.

And don't worry:Though mussels and chickpeas are on the adult menu, kids can order familiar favorites like chicken nuggets.

Cheshire Café: The best snacks in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (10)

Photo by Laurie Sapp

  • What to order:Cheshire cat tail and all messed up Slushy
  • What you can't miss:Alice in Wonderlandtheming
  • Ort:Fantasy Land
  • Pricing:$

You have many options for snacks at Walt Disney World, fromMickey Bars zu Dole Whip. And while Sleepy Hollow (and that holy Spring Roll Cart) offer great options and Storybook Treats has the delicious Peter Pan Float,Our must for sweets at Magic Kingdom is Cheshire Café.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (11)

Photo by Laurie Sapp

Why? Three words:Cheshire Cat Tail. This is the dessert of desserts at Magic Kingdom. It may not enjoy the same fame as Dole Whip or churros, but it's colorful, quirky, and delicious. Also, you can wash it off with oneAll messed up Slushy. How refreshing!

Casey's Corner: Best for nostalgia in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (12)

Casey's Corner caters to baseball fans. Photo by Judd Helms

(Video) Magic Kingdom RESTAURANT GUIDE - Walt Disney World - 2022

  • What to order:All-Beef Hot Dog oder Walt’s Chili-Cheese All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog
  • What you can't miss:A piano player tickling the ivory
  • Ort:Main Street, United States
  • Pricing:$

Casey's Corner apparently has limited appeal,Specializing in hot dogs, hot dogs and more hot dogs. But there are a variety of (really good) hot dog options here, even plant-based.Walt’s Chili-Cheese All-Beef Fußlanger Hot Dogis a tribute to Walt Disney himself and features Walt's favorite chili recipe.

Plus, it's a staple of any Disney World vacationlisten to thatPianist von Casey’s Cornertickle the ivory. This is an experience not to be missed.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (13)

The piano player is a hallmark of Casey's Corner. Photo by Laurie Sapp

Disney Deep Cuts fans might even make the connection that the restaurant was inspired by the "Casey at Bat" vignette from one of the earlier onesDisney animated classics,do my music.

Get to Casey's Corner early and you might even be able to attend the "first pitch" when the restaurant opens.

Main Street Bakery: Best breakfast in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (14)

Main Street Bakery is home to Starbucks at Magic Kingdom. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

  • What to order:Micky Zimtschnecke
  • What you can't miss:Alle Starbucks
  • Ort:Main Street, United States
  • Pricing:$

There's no better way to start a day at the Magic Kingdom than with oneMickey Cinnamon Roll im Hub vor Cinderella Castle. Just be prepared to stand in long lines to get it.

Main Street Bakery is particularly busy due to its location on Main Street and the fact that Magic Kingdom is just openingit's the only place to goStarbucks im Magic Kingdom.

Liberty Tree Tavern: The most filling meal in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (15)

Photo by Brett Svenson

  • What to order:Patriot's Plate
  • What you can't miss:American history in all its glory
  • Ort:Freedom Square
  • Pricing:$$$

History buffs and fans of massive Thanksgiving meals will both be satisfied with aSit down dining at the Liberty Tree Tavern. The restaurant pays tribute to our nation's founders with a theme reminiscent of colonial Williamsburgbrick fireplaces, candelabra chandeliers and wood paneling.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (16)

Salad and bread at Liberty Tree Tavern. Photo by Brett Svenson

When dining, choose from six rooms representing six important founders:

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Betsy Ross
  • Paul worship
  • Johannes Paul Jones

And while the theming is a nice touch (and decidedly different from Disney princesses or a cartoon mouse),It's the food that keeps bringing us back. Meals here are so filling you may need to be rolled out.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (17)

Liberty Tree Tavern offers the most filling meals in the Magic Kingdom. Photo by Brett Svenson

(Video) The Top Disney World Restaurants of 2022

The menu is prix fixe, with options ranging from salads and toffee cakes toPatriot's Plate, which is seasoned with turkey, pot roast, and pork (plus veggies—yes, you have to eat those!).

The Friar's Nook: Best quick meal in the Magic Kingdom

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (18)

Grab a grab-and-go lunch at The Friar's Nook. Photo by Laurie Sapp

  • What to order:Creamy Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Tots and the Mr. Toad Dome Cake
  • What you can't miss:Mobile ordering (a big time saver)
  • Ort:Fantasy Land
  • Pricing:$

If your ideal day is at the Magic Kingdomgo! go! goTo accommodate as many rides, cavalcades, and selfies as possible, skip seated meals. Instead of this,Place a mobile order while queuing for Peter Pan's Flight, then head straight after to The Friar's Nook to get your food and leave.

There's plenty of tasty, heart-stopping food on the menu, but we recommend thisCreamy Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Tots. We really enjoyed that tooKrötenburger as part of the 50th anniversary celebration.

The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (19)

The Toad Burger... who couldn't love a face like that? Photo by Tatyana Lazar

Indeed, fans of the long goneMr. Toads wilder RittYou'll find plenty of Mr. Toad-themed tidbits at The Friar's Nook. If you are a Mr. Toad fan this is a must visit restaurant.


The 10 Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants: Where to Eat at Disney World (20)

Aloha Isle received an honorable mention on our list of the best Magic Kingdom restaurants. Photo by Tina Chiu

While these restaurants didn't make our list of the top 10 Magic Kingdom restaurants, we thought they deserved recognition for something special they bring to the Disney World experience:

  • Sleepy Cave:Where else can you get a fresh fruit waffle sandwich?
  • The Diamond Horseshoe:The Diamond Horseshoe can be a little pricey for the quality of the food, but it's actually one of the cheapest places to snag oneBeer in the Magic Kingdom. And on a long, hot day lugging your kids from ride to ride, this beer is certainly rewarding.
  • Columbia Hafenhaus:If you're looking for seafood in Magic Kingdom, this is number one.
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe:This opening day restaurant serves delicious Tex-Mex fare over in Frontierland.
  • Gaston's Tavern:Be Our Guest is an amazing experience but it's expensive. If you want to try the Gray Stuff but don't have the time or money for Be Our Guest Restaurant, stop by Gaston's Tavern. We recommend LeFou's Brew!
  • Aloha Isle und Sunshine Tree Terrace:Aloha Isle is the best place to get a Dole Whip in the Magic Kingdom, but Orange Bird fans should skip Sunshine Tree Terrace. (Don't sleep on that Orange Cream Soft Serving Cup!)

Complete list of Magic Kingdom restaurants

So we listed our favorite Magic Kingdom restaurants and even included some runners-up.But tastes and preferences are different for everyone.

If you want to depart from our list, be our guest! (See what we did there?) Here's the full list of Magic Kingdom restaurants to choose from:

  • hello island
  • Galactic Treats from Aunt Gravity
  • Be our guest restaurant
  • Caseys Corner
  • Cheshire-Café
  • Cinderella's King's Table
  • Columbia Harbor House
  • cool ship
  • Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
  • Gaston Tavern
  • Golden Oak Outpost
  • Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper-Kantine
  • Market at Freedom Square
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Main Street Bakery
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Pinocchio Dorfhaus
  • Ice cream shop
  • Prince Eric’s Village Market
  • Sleepy Cave
  • Storybook treats
  • Sunshine Tree Terrace
  • The Crystal Palace
  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • The monk corner
  • The lunch break
  • The Plaza Restaurant
  • Terrassenrestaurant Tomorrowland
  • Tonys Town Square Restaurant
  • Tortuga Tavern
  • Westward Ho

Note: Some restaurants on this list may be temporarily closed due to ongoing COVID-19 changes. While the facade of Aunt Polly's Dockside Inn on Tom Sawyer Island remains, the restaurant is closed.

REVIEW: Skipper's Canteen in the Magic Kingdom

Galactic Starcruiser Dinner: A recap of the first night


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